Pasha Radetzki Studio Ra

New York City, since 1999

Awards, Grants


Creative Engagement Grant for Unity On Union Square upcoming public art project. Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC), New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and City Council; Union Square Park; New York


Future Art Awards. ‘Portal Do Sul. Unity Portal’ landscape sculpture. Mozaik Philanthropy, Los Angeles


Mayer Foundation Art Grant; New York


CodaWorx Award. Cloud Portal. O House landscape sculpture; Madison, WI


Change Inc., Robert Rauschenberg foundation artist emergency grant; Captiva, Florida


International ArtsLink Projects Award; Spatial Being series of works. CEC International Partners, New York.

Solo Exhibitions


Multi-Ascent; Instituto Catuçaba, São Paulo, Brazil


Portal Do Sul. O Portal. Instituto Catuçaba, São Paulo, Brazil


Imaginary and Real Portals. Instituto Catuçaba, São Paulo, Brazil


Jardim Lov Altruísta. Instituto Catuçaba, São Paulo, Brazil


Portal Do Sul. Galeria Mírian Badaró; Taubaté, Brazil


In Eucalyptus Grove. Complex Exhibiting. Instituto Catuçaba, São Paulo, Brazil


Ch'ulel Itz. From The Land of The Red and Black Inks. La Camara. Espacio De Acción Contemporánea; San Miguel De Allende, México


Cloud Portal. O House. Instituto Catuçaba, São Paulo, Brazil


Wayss... Gallery 55; Shanghai, China

Triple House. Hans Weiss Newspace Gallery, Manchester Community College; CT

Babas Garden. 345 Chelsea, New York


trans-space : pasha radetzki. State University of New York, Amelie A. Wallace Gallery at College of Old Westbury, New York

Open House. Jennifer Baahng Gallery; New York


(Airtight). Supreme Primitivism. Jennifer Baahng Gallery, New York


Spatial Being. The National Museum of Belarus History and Culture; Minsk, Belarus

Commissions, Public Art Projects

Upcoming 2023:

Unity On Union Square. Interdisciplinary public art presentation at Union Square Park,

Manhattan, New York


Universal Cross. Public art sculpture. Instituto Catuçaba, São Paulo, Brazil


O Portal. Casa Vogue. Sculpture for Milano Design Week publication; São Paulo, Brazil

Portal Do Sul. O Portal. Landscape sculpture. Instituto Catuçaba, São Paulo, Brazil

Earth Portal. Public art landscape installation; Governors Island, New York


Trans-column. Art Market Hamptons. Public art sculpture. Bridgehampton, New York


Cloud Portal. O House. Landscape sculpture. Instituto Catuçaba, São Paulo, Brazil


Trans-space (With My Coffee table). Public art sculpture; PS122 Gallery, New York

International Exhibitions, Biennales


Pororoca Great Roar: Lov Americas. Manifesta 11. Cabaret der Künstler-Zunfthaus Voltaire; Zurich, Switzerland   


Portas Abertas. Fórum Eugénio de Almeida, Évora, Portugal


Speaking Muzzled Eurasian. dOCUMENTA (13). Winning Hearts And Minds; with Critical Art Ensemble. Pavilion 42; Kassel, Germany


Mafesto March. 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art; curated by Katya Bochavar. Moscow, Russia

Iconoclasts & Iconodules. Curated by Ombretta Agro, catalog. Religare Art; New Delhi, India


Beijing 798 Biennale. The Men Who Fell To Earth. Curated by Raul Zamudio. T Art Center,

Beijing, China


Yeosu Art International.  Curated by Raul Zamudio. Yeosu, South Korea

Enter Murros, Centro Cultural de Espana. Curated by Reynaldo Thompson. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Festival de Arte Contemporaneo de Leon. Curated by Juan Melia. Instituto Cultural de Leon, Teatro Maria Grever, Leon, Mexico


4th International Photo Biennial.  Curated by Olga Sviblova. Central Exhibition Hall Manezh, Moscow, Russia

Manifesta 4. Public Access Archive, curated by Iara Boubnova. Frankfurt-am-Main,


Ephemeral Reality. Current Tendencies of Contemporary Art in Belarus. National Museum of Belarus History and Culture; Minsk, Belarus (catalog)


8th International Photo Biennial of Picture in Cordoba, Mulk Gallery, Cordoba, Spain

Selected Solo Performances, Interdisciplinary Presentations


Press: On. Interdisciplinary performance at Peat & Repeat. Queens, New York

Garbage Gold. Intermedia performance. 231 Maujer; Brooklyn, New York

Textile As A Form Of Social Resistance. Live multidisciplinary presentation; Whitebox, New York

We Alive. Multidisciplinary performance. 231 Maujer; Brooklyn, New York


Zombies & Huewomanity Founding Mothers. Install-action, multidisciplinary performance. Whitebox, New York

Zombies & Huewomanity Founding Mothers. Reading. Peat & Repeat; Queens, New York

Jangala. Sound/music performance. JetStar; Catskill, New York


Love-ego=Lov. Performance. Tashmoo Springs Cultural Center; Martha’s Vineyard, MA


Love-ego=Lov. Install-action, multidisciplinary performance. Van Der Plas Gallery; New York


Back Room Aesthetics. Install-action, multidisciplinary performance. Empty Circle; Brooklyn, New York

Selected Group Exhibitions


Press: ON. Peat & Repeat. Queens, New York

Chaos Theory. Proyectos Raul Zamudio, New York


Ballots, Not Bullets. WhiteBox, New York

Water Ways. Peat & Repeat; Queens, New York


A micro-biology of circumstance: now what? Tashmoo Springs Pumping Station, Martha’s Vineyard, MA


Everything & Nothing. Empty Circle Gallery; Brooklyn, NY


Indigenous Thrones. Sanctuary Art Gallery; Brooklyn, NY


50th Anniversary Exhibition. State University of New York, Amelie A. Wallace Gallery at College of Old Westbury, NY


Cavellini Centennial Exhibition. Whitebox Gallery, New York


Unveiled. Whitebox Gallery, New York


Amerikkka The Beautiful; Whitebox Gallery, New York

Frankenstein on The Beach; White Box Art Center, New York

In The Future... 3rd Ward; Brooklyn, New York

Lo Carnavalesco. Curated by Carla Stellweg & Sarina Basta; catalog. Mycelium Ingenium, Torre Mayor, Mexico City

Sketches & Manifestos. Sporadic Art Projects; New York


How To Philosophize With The Hammer. Curated by Raul Zamudio. White Box; New York

Obscure Object of Desire. Ese Oscuro Objeto del Deseo. Pristine Galerie Arte Contemporanea; Monterrey, Mexico


Stirrings Still. Curated by Juan Puntes. White Box, NY


Art Taipei, Taiwan

Enter Murros, Logan Beitman Gallery, University of Miami, FL


In Defence of Sloth. Co-curated by Cabinet magazine & Slought Foundation; Zone: Chelsea Center for the Arts, New York 

Renegades, Exit Art, New York

Between Walls, Instituto Cultural De Leon, Leon, Mexico


Between Walls. Curated by Reynaldo Thompson. (catalog) Museo Alfredo Duges; Guanajuato, Mexico

122 for $122, 25th Year Anniversary Show; PS122 Gallery, New York

Constructivismo '06, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, New York

Studio Visit, Exit Art, New York

Here; co-curated by Domus magazine, Milan, Italy

Praying Project, Exit Art, New York


Begging for a Proper Donnybrook; Anthony Archibald Arts, New York

...and death. Hans Weiss Newspace Gallery, Manchester Community College, CT


Attain. Erotic Mythology, group show; Eickholt Gallery, New York


Dumbo Arts Festival. War & Peace, public art multimedia installation, Washington/Plymouth St. corner, New York (dvd, cd)


Mouthpiece For Note Fa, video screening, Artist Space, New York


New York Downtown Arts Festival: Endurance. DFN Gallery, New York

Swarm Cell, experimental audio-visual installation series , Mad Science Multimedia Center, New York

Double Exposure, multimedia audio-visual installation, Moscow Art Center Dom, Moscow, Russia

Merging Spatial Margins. Body Visionism, Kashi Art, Fort Cochin, Kerala, India

Merging Spatial Margins. Body Visionism, Machan Art, Thekkady, Kerala, India


New York Downtown Arts Festival, projected slide installation Merging Spatial Margins. Body Vision. Judson Memorial Church, New York

Curated Exhibitions


Ephemeral Reality. Current Tendencies in Contemporary Art; The National Museum of Belarus History and Culture; Minsk, Belarus, (ArtsLink grant from CEC International Partners, New York; catalog)

War & Peace, public art installation series curated in collaboration with Dumbo Art Center and IndyMedia Center for Dumbo Art Under The Bridge Festival at Washington/Plymouth  st., Brooklyn, New York

Workshops, lectures, talks

Instituto Catuçaba; Artist talk. São Paulo, Brazil; July 2021

Jay College of Criminal Justice; guest lecturer, artist talk, may 2018

Love-ego=LOV Altruista. Intergenerational workshop; Instituto Catuçaba; São Paulo, Brazil; 2017

To All My Censors. Guest lecturer, artist talk at the New School’s art history class (prof. Raul Zamudio); New York; 2009

Performance Body. Art history class talk/video presentation with professor Hyewon Yi. State University of New York College at Old Westbury, SUNY; New York; Nov. 2009

Artist (action) Reading; Zone: Contemporary Art; March, 2009 New York

Guest lecturer, artist talk, presentation with professor Reynaldo Thompson; University of Guanajuato, Oct. 2007, Guanajuato, Mexico

Movement of One Trans-space. Artist talk. Jan 2005, PS122 Gallery, New York


1 Page Constitutions. A booklet; currently available at Printed Matter, New York

A Public Space. Artwork, Issue#22, 2015; Brooklyn, New York

Ephemeral Reality. Catalog essay; 2002, Minsk, Belarus

The Village Voice, contributed  reviews on visual/performance art in New York City; 1995-99

New York Arts Magazine, contributed monthly reviews on visual art in New York City; 1997-99

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Horizon (photographs), 2003, published by Faro Disegni, Rome, Italy


Catuçaba Institute; São Paulo, Brazil

Galeria Mirian Badaró; Taubaté, Brasil

Ivan Costa & Pillar Gleboff; Santiago, Chile

Carla Stellweg Collection, New York

Stanford University Art Archive, CA, U.S.

Jennifer Baahng Gallery, New York

ZONE | Contemporary Art, New York

Moscow House of Photography; Moscow, Russia

National Museum of Belarus History and Culture; Minsk, Belarus

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Bill Wilson Collection, New York, USA

Anthony Haden-Guest Collection, New York, USA

Joseph Backstein Collection, Moscow, Russia

Archibald Arts, New York

I-20 Gallery, New York

Faro Disegni, S.N.C., Rome, Italy

Private collection, Seoul, South Korea

Gregory De La Haba Collection, New York

Foundation World, New York

Annie Murdock, Robert Murdock & Dez Ryan Collection

Proyectos Raul Zamudio collection, New York

Whitebox collection, New York

T Art Center, Beijing, China

Gallery 55, Shanghai, China

Mycelium Ingenium, Mexico City, Mexico


1999 MA degree with honors in creative writing; Lomonosov State University.

1989 MMT Technical School; Belarus.



Pasha Radetzki is a visual artist working primarily in sculpture and performance with live sound at the intersection of environmental and social justice.
He creates eco-conscious landscape sculptures and conceives participatory art initiatives which present a unifying, equitable and sustainable worldview for our common future.

After growing up in the Belarus-Ukrainian border region and a mandatory Soviet Navy service, Radetzki arrived in New York as a first-generation American in 1997. He started making art while working alongside prominent art critics at The Village Voice, to which he contributed critical writing on visual and performance art.

Radetzki’s first solo exhibition was held at Jennifer Baahng Gallery in Manhattan followed by the most comprehensive overview of his early works at Amelie A. Wallace Gallery at State University of New York, both in 2009. Consequently, the artist presented solo exhibitions in Mexico, Brazil, China and the U.S.

His works were also featured at international Manifesta 11 (Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, Switzerland), dOCUMENTA 13 (Hauptbahnhof, Kassel, Germany), 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, 4th Moscow Photo Biennial (Manezh); Manifesta 4 (Frankfurt, Germany) and 8th Cordoba Photo Biennial (Spain).