mafestOmarch - artmarch for all

mafestOmarch is a series of art initiatives by a collective body of thinkers, artists and practitionersstarted in New York on June 10, oo, by Pasha Radetzki.

mafestOmarch is built around innovative visions essential to evolving the new operational modes in art and societies through parallel structuring.

as Art For Life Sake initiatives, mafestOmarch developed several notions to define itself:


Polyequalism - every body equals every thing


OOO Calendar - parallel calendar system in its 3rd year - O


Circle School Aesthetics - schoOol


1 Page Constitutions - for contemporary & new societies


Council 5 - parallel governing entity with essential RITE TO VETO


maOma move of Huewoman.


Parallel Structuring - building new society based on Digital Platform

The notions of arrière-garde, re:.reality, IWE, Digitala-constitution, star*fruit movement are relentlessly being explored...

Join mafestOmarch install-actions at dOcumenta (13) in Kassel, Germany!

August 26th, noon-1pm - Pavilion 42 of d13, south of Hauptbahnhof

write us at



mafestOmarch is currently focused on defining & introducing to the broader public a new social initiative:

Council 5 - parallel governing entity

Council 5 is a parallel governing entity existing alongside the conventional government.

Council 5 is being formed as a secular, non-monetary, non-political group of 5 nominated council members endowed with the essential right to VETO the conventional government's decrees.

(the Veto right is the final goal initially preceded by Council 5 formation and definition of activities, which will include providing opinions on important social issues thus building the public credibility of Council 5).

Council 5 members are nominated via grass roots referrals in its first inception year and via 'Digital Platform' system in the following years.

Council 5 must include as its core members: at least 2 women, 1 Native representative (Native American in Americas), plus 2 additional nominees. All members are elders.

Council 5 activities are aided by the Support Council of executive nature and the Youngest Council - 5 youths-apprentices.

Council 5 is responsible for overseeing and operating in 5 fields of contemporary societies, 1 field per each council member:

1. Demographics, children, environment.

2. Children, health, education.

3. Economics.

4. Politics.

5. Treasury/Distribution management via Digital Platform.

  Information Technology social/political development.

In its activities, Council 5 is not seeking to replace existing governments - it may conceive of independent social affiliations based on solidarity which is expressed through and developed by the Digital Platform. For example, social affiliations that can be capable of creating/articulating new organizational structures such as parallel financial system - independent from the existing monetary world structures, digitally enabled and based on mutual interests.

Council 5 stands by non-violence and seeks to serve as a nominated-by-the-people watchdog honored with the hard-earned and essential right to VETO any conventional government's decrees if they do not fit two primary social principles of PolyequalisM:

1. It must be good for our Kids.

2. It must be good for our Earth.

The rest is vetoed.



Currently, mafestOmarch initiative prepares for a collective presentation/performance titled ‘Speaking Eurasian’ at dOCUMENTA 13th in Kassel, Germany, as part of Critical Art Ensemble’s programming on August 26th, at noon. The work touches upon the idea of creating parallel governing structures among others and seeks to engage the broader community in re-envisioning the structure of contemporary society whether in economic, political, or aesthetic/philosophical fields under its umbrella movement.

It presents an open call for engagement for individuals or groups eager to implement social thinking into practice.

mafestOmarch needs your support mainly through your participation.

Any expert advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Sincerely, Radetzki.

p.s. historically, we’re familiar with numerous unrealized initiatives. Council 5 - parallel governing entity is not one of them. In a sense, it is our inevitable future tightly linked to and greatly aided by the rapid and exponential growths of the digital technologies. mafestOmarch task is to build awareness and human solidarity via Council 5 in order to harness this powerful Digital Twin, this powerful way to, hopefully, non-revolution. Software engineers & digital proletariat - us, are realised to unite, support, and share: Council 5 - parallel governing entity.

List of accomplished works:

Ch'ulel Itz. From The Land of The Red and Black Inks.  Collaborative exhibition & performance on Maya cultural art.

* Red Peoples' Tongues. Performance in 70 mesoamerican languages.

  1. *Ch'ulel Itz Dar. Poster publication. All at La CÁMARA, Espacio De Accion Contemporanea; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; Feb 25-March 30, 2012

Colored Banner. Performance at ArtHouse

Squat Forum, special project of 4th Moscow Biennale

of Contemporary Art. Moscow, Russia; Oct. 2011

Sketches & Ma$$festos. Texts-based installation, two-person exhibition at Sporadic Projects, New York; Nov 10-Dec 12, 2011

Constitutions For The New Societies. June 2011; printed Samizdat and distributed in the U.S., Russia, Belarus, Mexico; translated into Russian, Spanish, Belarusian; available at Printed Matter in New York at >

Mamaista Move of artWoman. Action & miniature installations at How To Philosophize With A Hammer exhibit curated by Raul Zamudio at White Box, New York. Aug 10-Sept 10, 2011; review

Fore Opened. Urban intervention of texts-based works paralleled Foreclosure exhibition of Whitney Museum's Independent Study Program.

The Kitchen façade, New York, June 11-13, 2011

Earlier initiatives:

Portal Do Sul. South Gate initiated Circle Schoool aesthetics. Landscape installation at Fazenda Catuçaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil; 2011 - current

< 000 calendar was introduced in June 2009 in New York, now in its 3rd year run

* notion of PolyequalisM is introduced in New York in 1999.

radetzki studioO. new york