Portal Do Sul. Unity Portal

is an architectural-sculptural installation that conveys a unifying vision of the world.

It was conceived as ‘the house of nature’ which is always open and which includes all and accommodates all of us without exceptions.

Evoking the reciprocal interrelationships with nature and among the visitors, Portal Do Sul serves as the threshold for personal transformation that calls into focus the ultimate unity of our existence and unlimited human potential.

Portal Do Sul received the Future Art Award 2022 from Mozaik Philanthropy in Los Angeles and CodaWorx award in landscape sculpture category. Le Figaro called Portal Do Sul ‘celestial portal’ and Brazilian Vogue - ‘a must-see work where creation has no limits.

The work was commissioned by Instituto Catuçaba in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

2017-2019; repurposed timber, concrete, hardware, oil paint, sealant; 4.5x18.5x13.5 feet



is an artist-conceived linguistic and visual expression that defines the notion of egoless Lov. It employs equation as its method to present a ‘formula’ that eloquently interprets the integrative qualities of love and serves as the foundation for a diverse group of socially-engaged artworks.

Love-ego=Lov Gardens is a series of eco-conscious landscape sculptures and workshops.

Its primary focus is the cultivation of intergenerational collaborative work ethics by engaging the community in a creative process of designing and planting the Lov Gardens.

The works contribute to the regeneration of ecologically neglected areas of land at urban and natural sites by creating erosion-preventive gardens of native plant species.

The first Lov Garden, depicted here, was planted in the Serra Do Mar region of Brazil in response to the fertile topsoil erosion from the farm fields.

2016; approximately 50 x 70 meters, plants, trees, organic manure, irrigation system.


My work articulates the unity of human experience as interdependent on each other and on the natural environment.

The works further experiment with conceiving of the new modes for community living and human relations as we confront environmental and social decline.

The sculptures presented here allude to the notion of trans-space where a perception of spatial volume is an integral and united entity integrated within the social and natural environment.