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Unity On Union Square: Love-ego=LOV

Public art performance with live sound and install-action.

Conceived by Pasha Radetzki and presented in collaboration with Amit Sahu.

- Federal Plaza/Foley Square - October 14th & 17th; 2-3pm (Lafayette/Centre st)

- Union Square Park - October 15th; 2-3pm (west side, north of Gandhi statue)

Comprising original musical compositions, performance art and temporary sculptural installation, the works engage the public with the themes of unity, peace and interdependence of human experience placed within the context of contemporary social and ecological conditions.

The Federal Plaza presentations are conceived as the urban field artworks where the topics of local water source, peace and egoless LOV coalesce to reflect on the storied history of the Collect Pond, one of the city’s original fresh water sources, its decline and current conditions.

The Union Square Park’s performance is devised as a community celebration of the neighborhood and its vitality as the place where all people naturally come together. It juxtaposes the themes of social harmony and unending wars, which are often inflicted by monocultural/militant aspects of widely accepted patriarchal ideologies.

Unity On Union Square received a Creative Engagement Grant from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) and New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

It is part of Radetzki's on-going art initiative titled Love-ego=LOV which includes public art sculpture (Union Square Park, spring 2024), an exhibition and a book publication